The Story of the Pod

Way back in a time before Covid-19, once upon a Christmas time, Joe decided it would be fun to buy some whisky, put it in small anonymous bottles, and give it to Ralph and Nathy as a gift. It came with a bag of descriptive words taken from the each whisky’s tasting notes, but they had all been mixed up. The idea for Ralph and Nathy to see if they could try and match the descriptions to the whiskies.. who was the best whisky taster?

“Damp Rocks” and “Fish Boxes” were two of the descriptions in the pack (describing a Lagavulin 16 as it happens).

During the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to rekindle the game and turn it into this podcast. Instead of matching descriptions to whiskies the challenge this time is to come up with original descriptions that are poetic, intriguing and accurate… and, with that, Damp Rocks and Fish Boxes was born.

Who are we?

Damp Rocks and Fish Boxes is hosted by Ralph (left), Joe (middle), and Nathy (right). Ralph and Nathy are brothers. We’re all mates and grew up in the same town in West Yorkshire before spending some years living near one another in Manchester. At some point during this time we began enjoying drinking whisky together.